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The TELP (Totally Enclosed Lipping Process) is a fully automated door lipping production line specifically designed for processing fire check door blanks. The heavy and varied nature of this application places huge demands on the machinery needed to process it whilst maintaining high production rates. Additionally, the increasing demand for non-standard door sizes and the decline of batch production methods means that machine size adjustment time further slows production.

Our solution was to design the machine around the concept that the door blank moving through the machine process would be the size adjustment mechanism. Unlike parallel edge lippers whereby the side edges would be lipped and then the machine adjusted out to lip the bottom and top edges, the TELP used four individual lipping “stations” with a system of cross transfer rollers and conveyors linking each station.

As each door blank is lipped, trimmed and end cut, its movement to the next station allows another door blank to immediately replace it. This means that the door blank will take fully 5 minutes to flow through the complete machine but the actual cycling after the first door is 1 minute 20 seconds. This also gives the capability to process any size door immediately after another without the time consuming size adjustment as the differences in each door blank are compensated for by the movement between each station.

Designed to be a one man operation operating at the infeed end, the TELP features large capacity lipping hoppers, NORDSON PVA glue sprayers and an outfeed stacker.

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