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Laminating timber is a tried and trusted method of producing larger sections whilst enhancing stability and reducing cost. Widely used in joinery and furniture production, the decreasing availability of large section timber makes this an increasing popular application.

The EP (Edge Press) Range of presses are designed to laminate sections of timber from 12mm upto a maximum of 250mm. Available in pneumatic and hydraulic versions, these presses can laminate softwood or hardwood sections using PVA or resin glues, providing fully bonded and structurally stable sections in as little as 1 minute.

The presses are available in three width and daylight sizes whilst the through-feed design allows continuous length bonding. The unique conveyor feed runs completely through the machine, enabling simple and easy timber loading/unloading without the need for labour intensive manual loading and provides accurate placement of irregular shape laminations such as stair winder strings.

Fully automatic machine controls simplify the task of bonding different applications. The fully integrated and simple to use PLC operation means that the clamping pressures, curing times and power output adjust automatically when the operator selects the desired program. This ensures that the machine operation needs little training and migration of skills between operators is not an issue.

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