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WOODS specialise in the design, manufacture and servicing of high speed RF Bonding presses and associated handling equipment for the woodworking industry. By analysing modern production requirements and applying the very latest in machine design technology, we build machines that are energy efficient, simple to use and cost effective.

RF (Radio Frequency) heating is a highly efficient and simple method of accelerating glue curing. Similar in use to a domestic microwave oven, RF Bonding presses are designed to clamp timber together whilst the glue joint is rapidly cured, resulting in a fully stable joint within minutes or even seconds.   

WOODS RF was started as a company by Dennis Woods, originally supplying a parts and maintenance service for RF users. The company grew by responding to client requests to improve the production capabilities of existing machines in addition to repairing them. This soon developed into designing and building our own range of bespoke RF presses.

Moving into purpose built premises near Stanstead Airport in Essex, we developed new and innovative machines for use in diverse applications and markets such as music, composite board and marine furniture to
compliment our existing traditional joinery and furniture users.

As a family run company, our strongly held belief is that our name only goes on something that we build – nothing we sell is imported or re-branded. Today, after nearly twenty years of manufacturing RF Presses, we are firmly established as leaders in our field.

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