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One of the key benefits of manufacturing our own designs is that there are instances where the machine has to fit the production, rather than the other way round. Our ability and experience in bespoke design and build means that we can offer a machine exactly tailored to your production requirements.

Bespoke machine design and build is normally considered an expensive option but by incorporating a modular design philosophy in our machine building, commonality of parts and utilising our many years experience, we can offer cost effective solutions to previously cost prohibitive requirements.

Using the latest versions of AutoCad and Solidworks, we also have the flexibility to alter our existing designs to carry out simple alterations such as the handing of controls through to major changes in working area sizes. By creating highly accurate visualisation drawings and animations, we ensure that the machine can be “seen and felt” prior to arriving on site.

Our focus also extends to the machine control/operation. We design our control systems so that little if any operator input is required other than basic manual handling, ensuring that migration of skills and variable production rates from different operators does not become an issue.


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