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Special Purpose Machines

Many applications within the woodworking industry require a specific solution for a particular bonding requirement. Our experience and capability is ideally suited to the task of bespoke machine design.

An example of this is a machine to assemble and bond panel doors for a large kitchen supply company. The requirements were to have the machine square the door frame with the centre panel prior to curing the glue joints. Our solution was the IFDP (Inline Frame Door Press).

The IFDP is designed around a through conveyor, allowing the operator to loosely assemble the components and place them onto the conveyor for feeding into the pressing area. The frame enters a “squaring station” which ensures the correct position and transfers the squared frame into the pressing area. Here it is hydraulically clamped and RF cured before being ejected out via the conveyor.

The IFDP has proved to be a fast and accurate machine, capable of pressing a huge range of sizes including frame doors with a centre panel.

Other examples of our bespoke machines is a press for assembling and curing circular wooden rims for drum kits. The machine rolls the thin veneer section onto a former before clamping them into an accurate circle and curing them. The external clamps release allowing the fully cured rim to be pulled off from the former.

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